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There is room for delicacy in Dominance. It’s not all hard hands and sore arses. I can assert myself gently, fingers against lips, fingers in mouth, hand against your wrist. It’s about knowing when to build to a crescendo with the cymbal bash, and when to just slide them together, let it build and build into something altogether more satisfying. The orchestra needs the punctuation, but an exclamation mark should be used sparingly. 

It’s the delicate moments that let me really know. Anyone submits when there’s a collar around their neck, a cock stuffed deep between their legs and a heavy hand against their body, one wrapped around both wrists and the other tight around their neck. You have no choice, in that moment, because I’ve taken it from you. I don’t care if you willingly submit, because I’ve taken control, seized it with a military coup, all pomp and might and big guns. 

Present you with the choice, though, and you’ll submit willingly. You have the choice to pull away, close your lips and stare me down. You can move your head back and you can shake your head. You can reach up and move my hand away. You can say ‘No’. But instead you accept me. No. Not accept. Surrender to. You wave the white flag. You let me win. 

I occupy you.

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valenciajocelyne asked:

Hello, you seem really kind, as opposed to some other dommes I've asked for advice. I recently decided to finally become a pro domme, but for personal reasons I am only working via phone, webcam and chat. i wish I could work and train at a live dungeon, but unfortunately I cant. Ive been doing as much reading and researching as I can, and joined TONS of online fetish sites, I've received probably well over 100 emails and messages that went nowhere, where can I advertise to REAL clients?

Ah, that’s the big secret isn’t it. Some people might not like to diverge this kind of information because this is a competitive industry and you are now competition. Girls especially can really throw down when you mess with their money, this is actually one of the disadvantageous of working in a dungeon sometimes.
Ok, so, a lot of good places to advertise or whatever are area specific but since you only work over the phone I guess that doesn’t really matter for you. The only places on the internet that I have actually ever gotten real clients from are craigslist, collarme, and I think some yahoo groups. There used to be some guy in New Zealand who would pay good money just to see me through webcam with my hair down, no nudity or anything. You also might try to get your own website and then pay google to promote it. This is one of the things your dungeon does for you. But that only works if you are willing to invest money to get more clients.
I also want to warn you that webcam sessions put you at risk to have your videos secretly recorded by the other party and sold around the internet. If you keep your Domme life separate from your real one, or if you have or are planning to get a “real” job, I personally would be hesitant to do these kinds of sessions. 

brownsucre asked:

Wow thank you for being so helpful. Actually I live in NYC where you trained. So I'm sure there are plenty of dungeons in my area. Would you say that it's fairly easy to get started once you find a dungeon, acquire the paraphernalia etc. I understand that you just took the big leap, but is that common? Do most people just take it slow?

I’m not sure what taking it slow would be. I suppose you could try it first in your personal life or visit Paddles and check out the BDSM scene, but to be honest that’s not the same type of clientele you will actually get as a Prodomme. You could try maybe doing a few sessions on your own, through craigslist or something, but I actually think this is an even bigger plunge than starting in a place where other people can lend you their experience. But yes, even at a dungeon, this is a baptism-by-fire type of work. And some people no matter how prepared can not handle doing this kind of work. I’ve seen many girls join my dungeon and fade away pretty quick. Also, I didn’t have to buy much because my dungeon provided a lot of equipment so I would actually get hired first and see what’s what so you will know what you personally need to buy.

It’s a uniquely American prudishness. You can write the most detailed, vivid description of an ax entering a skull, and nobody will say a word in protest. But if you write a similarly detailed description of a penis entering a vagina, you get letters from people saying they’ll never read you again. What the hell? Penises entering vaginas bring a lot more joy into the world than axes entering skulls.
Author George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire.) Interview published in May 2012 Rolling Stones Magazine. (via sweetupndown9)

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mistresschloecibelle asked:

Thank you for sharing your story. I came to this lifestyle in my early 30's, which was about a year ago. It's interesting to learn and share how we each come into our sexuality. Best, Mistress Chloe

I started when I was 17 and I really don’t associate my becoming a Professional Dominatrix as coming into my sexuality. I find a lot of my work to be great fun. I laugh harshly while mentally and physically overpowering my clients, even while doing strap-on when that was appropriate, but with the exception of wrestling I don’t find any of the deeds I do with my clients as sexually anything personally. They get off on it, I don’t (it’s just good fun.) That is the difference between lifestyle and professional.

brownsucre asked:

How did you get started/ trained? I'm currently being propositioned left and right to be a domme or a sub (I definitely know subbing isn't for me) and I'm interested in getting started. Maybe you know where I can find more information on training, the dos and donts, maybe a book I should read?

Mistress Darcy and I are currently working on something that should help out a lot - because we have also found that their is a lack of good information about how to become a Prodomme. I personally received almost no training, it was baptism by fire. That is why I suggest if you can starting off at a dungeon. It’s easier to get a lot of different clients safely under your belt and maybe you can ask a more experienced Mistress for tips beforehand. Some dungeons will tell you what you need to buy to become a dominatrix there, mine did not though. If you have questions about this let me know. And if you do not have a dungeon in your area, I will do my best to assist your attempts at being a private Prodomme.


Disturbingly beautiful clay/porcelain sculptures by Israeli artist Ronit Baranga

The use of fingers and mouths in my work is full of intent and meaning. The fingers and the mouth are very sensual organs in the human body and are therefore very powerful as separated items from it. The “seamless” combination of these organs in plates or cups, appearing as one, creates, in my opinion, new items that “feel” their environment and respond to it - Ronit (interview with Empty Kingdom)

I like odd

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